About Me

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Hello and welcome to my page! I’m Bindi Patel and I created this blog as an outlet for my endeavors. I have varied interests and have acquired quite a bit of knowledge in the areas of arts and crafts, health and fitness, and nontoxic living. These three areas make up the 3 elements of Mind, Body, and Soul that I believe are the key to living a happy life. 

I’ve always loved the creative field. Ever since I was a kid, I wrote ghost stories and loved to make crochet blankets with my mom. I’ve developed these skills into a career in writing and as an artist. By day I’m a Communications Mgr for a green energy company and by night I harness my creative energy into my Etsy Store – PaintingsbyBindi. When I’m not dreaming of creations, I focus on nourishing my body in the form of self-care and fitness. 

As I try to live life to its fullest extent, I am excited to share the things I learn along the way. After all, life is all about sharing stories, connecting and learning from one another, right? 

Join me on a journey to make life more fun, helpful, and full of joy!